ESSAY: City or Country


Early in the morning hundreds of people rush out of their homes in the manner ants do when their nest is broken. Soon the streets are full of traffic. Shops and offices open, students flock to their schools and the day’s work begins.

Hundreds of sight-seers tourists and others visit many place of interest in the city while businessmen from various parts of the world arrive to transact business.


The towards evening, the offices and day schools begin to close. Many of the shops too close. There is now a rush for buses and other means of transport. Everyone seems to be in a hurry to reach home. As a result of this rush, many accidents occur. One who has not been to the city before finds it hard to move about at this time.

With the coming of night, another kind of activity begins. The streets are now full of colorful lights.


Communication and transportation systems are better. There are so many means of communication and transport that we can choose the ones we like best. We can get in touch with a friend or talk to him by phone without having to go out of home.

Thanks to electricity network and running water, our material lives are more comfortable. Supermarkets, markets and shops are found everywhere and we can buy anything we need providing that we can afford it.

Urban life provides us with all sorts of entertainments: televisions, radios, movies, theatres, concerts and famous recreation centers.

Living in town we can improve our knowledge easily by attending any schools, universities or evening classes where experienced teachers and professors are ready to satisfy our thirst for knowledge.

Peace and quiet:

The scattered houses among hundreds of plants and trees indicate the lack of activities in the village.

These paddy fields look very beautiful when the paddy plants are growing. The mountains in the distance and the palm trees all around, add to the beauty of these fields.

The workers in the village leave their homes early in the morning to work in the plantations or towns near by. Some have their own plantations, and some make certain articles in their homes to sell them in the towns. A few of the villagers, including women, go out to catch fish in the streams and rivers found in the village. Though the people of the village do not usually earn much, they seem to be contented.

The people in my village are good. They go not like to quarrel or fight with others. Every evening they meet one another and talk about many things. If they need any help or advice, they go to the village chief. The chief is a wise man. He gives good advice and keeps the people happy.

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