Essay: Advantages and disadvantages of wearing helmets in Ho Chi Minh City.

The requirement to wear helmets when driving motorbikes in Vietnam has been in effect for nearly 4 years. Although most citizens believe this provision has a positive influence on drivers’ health, others feel it is unreasonable and do not like this law. In this essay, I will discuss both sides of this issue in Ho Chi Minh City and state in my opinion.

Critics argue that wearing helmets while driving motorbikes is inefficient and has a large negative effect on the economy. Firstly, helmets can lead an increase in the number of accidents because they limit drivers’ vision when observing the street and other vehicles. In addition, most traffic accidents do not affect seriously on drivers’ head, since the street in Ho Chi Minh City is narrow and always crowded, while vehicles move quite slowly. Another negative effect is that wearing helmets may cause in social disorder. As a result of this law, many companies were set up quickly in order to manufacture and supply helmets at different prices and because the quality cannot always be assured, citizens cannot tell the difference between high and low quality helmets. This often results in the embarrassment of the government in managing of the standard and value of helmets.

On the other hand, there are also many advantages of wearing helmets. The main benefit is that helmets play an important role in preventing damage to the head, which may cause serious brain damage or deaths due to traffic accidents. Moreover, wearing helmets can defend indirectly the happiness of family because a loss of one family member more or less poses a serious misery and peril to family’s life. Secondly, helmets can contribute to the development of the economy. The law has created a source of opportunity for investors in helmet supply. Therefore, many helmet companies have been established and are now famous, such as Amoro and Protect. Furthermore, these businesses are major sources of employment for local people.

To summarize, in my opinion, I think the government should maintain this law. When both the supply and manufacture of helmets are managed carefully, it is clear that people’s health, families’ happiness and the economic benefits outweigh the cost. Local communities need to work together to ensure that citizens can obtain helmets with the best quality and best price.



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