Template of IELTS Writing Task 2

INTRODUCTION (4 sentences)

1st sentence:

1a. It is certaintly true that the problem of [N/V-ing] has drawn considerable public concern, which is a much-debated issue.

1b. It is a fact that there has been ongoing concern over [N/V-ing], which is a controversial issue.

1c. It is indeniable that today’s society has shown considerable concern over [N/V-ing], which is a matter/issue of heated debate.

2nd sentence

2a. It comes as no surprise that there are different schools of thought regarding this issue

2b. Not surprisingly, there are different viewpoints concerning this issue.

2c. It is little/no wonder that there are different opinions about this issue.

3rd sentence

3a. Some people maintain/claim that [clause], while/whereas others state/hold the opposing view.

3b. Some people say/believe that [clause], while/whereas others think/claim that [clause].

4tht sentence

4a. This essay will dexamine/analyse this issue/matter in more depth/detail.

4b. The following paragraphs will discuss/look at this issue/matter further.

BODY (3 paragraphs)

1st paragraph

In the first place, 

2b. Not surprisingly, there are different viewpoints concerning this issue.

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