Essay: Advantages of electronic media and print media.

At the present time, the number of people who are using electronic media and print media is increasing steadily. It is certaintly true that electronic media and print media are both popular. Some people, however, believe that electronic media has more advantages than print media, while others hold the opposing views. In this essay, I will discuss the advantages of electronic media and print media and give my opinion on the kind of media I prefer.

There are many advantages to electronic media. Firstly, electronic media is very convenient to use. Nowadays, many people like to work at home with their computer, on which, they can keep up to date with the newest information easily without leaving home. In addition, thanks to the invention of Internet, a person living abroad can read news about his native country just by having an access to a computer. Secondly, thanks to motion pictures, animation and sound, electronic media provides exciting and attractive news. For example, by watching TV, you can feel clearer the miserable of the Japanese people after the earthquake than only read it on newspaper. Moreover, there are many people who cannot read and for such people, electronic media is helpful.

On the other hand, print media also has some advantages. One point is that print media is easily accessible. Print media is quite cheap and available in distant villages, such as in the highland of Viet Nam. Furthermore, print media is convenient. For example, people can bring newspapers and magazines everywhere they want, such as on a train, a bus or a plane. Last but not least, print media is also amicable. Everybody can read print media regardless of their age or education in order to read one widen their knowledge.

To summarize, I am convinced that using electronic media is better than print media because of its advantages. In the future, when worldwide infrastructure of electricity is improved, it is clear that electronic media will become even more popular and accessible all over the world.

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